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Yet another meme...

The Cockblock Meme. You know you want to see what comes between us. Reply here!


OOC - Vacation!

I'm going to Comic Con! And then going to visit family in Seattle.  My last time hitting tags will be Monday night.  I do not expect to be able to get online again until I return home on the 31st.  In order to save myself from trying to remember things, I'm declaring all threads finished as of my last tag on Monday.

If we have any threads going that you'd rather just put on hold, please let me know.


Pounce Drabble - for felisimmortalis

Characters: Samantha Myers and Dylan Creed (OCs)
Rating: PG
Setting: Bump in the Night!Verse, Dylan age 13, Sam age 14
Prompt: #263 Pounce - Drabble Table
Word Count: 344

Dylan, don't do it!Collapse )